When a timid, low-level corporate demon gets promoted to CEO of Hell LLP, he must overcome jealous adversaries, office politics, physical dangers and his own personal demons to learn what is broken in Hell, and figure out how to fix it to save the universe.


Hell LLP. Where the devils and demons work to spread evil throughout the world. Immersed in a morass of expensive but ill-fitting suits, unproductive meetings that stretch on for hours, synergistic ideations that target performance measures on a go-forward basis, and floor after floor after floor of cubicles, it truly is, corporate hell.

The story centers around Azmodeus. He is a cubicle-bound drone in a sea of cubicle-bound drones. Dedicated to doing things the right way, not the easy way, he is often in conflict with his co-workers and supervisors, who are, after all, demons, and are obsessed with cutting corners, grasping for power and basically all the bad behaviours that any corporate environment encourages. Az sees a better way, but is powerless to do anything about it.

One day, a phone call changes everything, as he is summoned to the top office to discover that Lucifer has retired, and selected Az to replace him as CEO of Hell LLP. In trying to learn the ropes, Az finds out that he is vastly unprepared for this role, which comes with new, powerful enemies, limited resources, and a threat to the very fabric of Hell that he must solve. With the help of his Advocate, Persephone, he faces other power-hungry demons, office politics, and physical dangers while trying to unravel the tenuous clues that Lucifer has left behind. What he finds will tip the balance, and teach him just  what is necessary about evil.