Here is the webseries pilot for Necessary Evil, made through your support, and Telus' STORYHIVE competition.

Hell LLP. Where the devils and demons work to spread evil throughout the world. Immersed in a morass of expensive but ill-fitting suits, unproductive meetings that stretch on for hours, synergistic ideations that target performance measures on a go-forward basis, and floor after floor after floor of cubicles, it truly is, corporate hell.

Azmodeus is a cubicle-bound drone in a sea of cubicle-bound drones. He knows that the company is full of wasteful systems but is powerless to do anything about it. Then, one day, he gets a phone call that changes everything.

Festival Screenings


Produced By

Randy Brososky, Chester Sit and Marliss Weber


Group of Rogues

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Thanks to your support, Telus STORYHIVE has been generous enough to fund another project, Recruiting Hell. Your votes made the difference, and we were able to bring this idea to life!

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