And you thought your job was hell.

Necessary Evil is a story about one demon's trials and tribulations working for the largest, most dysfunctional corporation in the underworld - Hell LLP.



World Premiere!

The world premiere for Necessary Evil will be at the 2018 Edmonton International Film Festival at 8:30 pm on September 28, 2018.


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Thanks to support from TELUS STORYHIVE, filming and post-production on the first season of Necessary Evil is complete!  We are just finalizing the details on release dates, festivals and the premiere. Once the show is released, it will be available on TELUS Optik TV, online and right here!


EP 1: Tough Call


EP 2: Hire Calling

EP 3: Advocacy 101


EP 4: Soul Purpose


EP 5: Hellevator


EP 6: Ring Tone

Necessary Evil is made possible with funding from STORYHIVE and will be available for free on demand on TELUS Optik TV.

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Stay up to date with behind the scenes footage and other exclusive content on our Instagram account. Scroll back a ways, and you'll even be able to watch the Hellevator Project in its entirety!