And you thought your job was Hell.


Necessary Evil is a story about one demon's trials and tribulations working for the largest, most dysfunctional corporation in the underworld - Hell LLP.



100 short scenes in an elevator, filmed, edited and posted in one day. Check out the most ambitious project in the Necessary Evil universe.

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Recruiting Hell

Get a glimpse behind the scenes at the ultimate in corporate dysfunction as the executives of Hell LLP try to produce a recruiting video.

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Necessary Evil - Webseries Pilot

Watch the pilot webisode of Necessary Evil to get a glimpse inside Hell LLP and meet Azmodeus, Persephone, Nyx and others.

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Necessary Evil and Recruiting Hell have both been made possible with STORYHIVE grants from TELUS Optik Local Community Programming. Necessary Evil and Recruiting Hell are both available for free on demand on TELUS OpTik TV.