Here's some of the coverage the media has given us throughout the process of bringing Necessary Evil and its various incarnations to life.

Vue Weekly

After we finished Recruiting Hell, we talked with VUE about what the genesis of the Necessary Evil universe, and our hopes for future development.

Global News

A story about our preparations for the Hellevator Project as part of the city's #100in1day event.


A post by local blogger Lincoln Ho about our process trying to land the funding for Recruiting Hell.

Edmonton Examiner

A write-up about our first grant, as we were going into production on the pilot episode.

Olds Albertan

The Olds Albertan asked us about Recruiting Hell, and what our plans were for continuing the series.

Wetaskiwin Times

Once the funding landed for Recruiting Hell, we chatted with the Wetaskiwin Times to discuss the show's history and future plans.