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The Hellevator Project - 100 Instagram Videos,  Shot and Posted in 1 Day

Edmonton, Alberta – May 30, 2016 – It’s never been done before. And it will likely never be done again.

As part of the #100in1day challenge, on June 4th, the makers of Necessary Evil will be filming 100 mini-stories and posting them to Instagram.

All in one day.

“It’s roughly the equivalent of making a feature film in a day,” says Randy Brososky, executive producer. “If each film is almost a minute long, that’s almost 100 minutes of finished footage. That sort of thing usually takes at least five or six weeks to produce. I guess we’re just not that patient.”

The stories are all set in the same world as Necessary Evil, a storyline that Brososky will be shopping around at the Banff World Media Festival next month. Set in a literal corporate hell, the story revolves around the demons and devils that work at Hell LLP. The Hellevator Project will consist of a hundred ‘moments’ shared in an elevator.

“I’ve been wanting to tell little elevator stories in this universe for some time. Any two characters can share an elevator in a large corporation, such as the CEO and the lowest mailroom staffer.

“And anything can happen.”

The #100in1day event – a global phenomenon where cities try to encourage at least 100 citizen-led projects on the same day – was the perfect excuse to pull the trigger on the project. So Brososky connected with Make Something Edmonton's #100in1dayYeg project.

“Of course, we were thinking of just doing ‘a bunch’ of short videos. Then my wife said, ‘Well, you know the event is called 100 in 1 day…’”

Brososky says a handful of local writers have been creating scripts for the filming marathon. They were all tasked with writing 60 second or shorter scripts, using a combination of established characters from the webseries pilot of Necessary Evil and the short mockumentary Recruiting Hell, as well as a handful of new characters.

People will be able to watch the stories on Instagram, as they are released, roughly one every five or so minutes, starting at about 8:00 am MST. They will also be sharing behind-the-scenes looks on Facebook Live every hour, to see how the cast and crew are managing.

“I think it’s fascinating that as long as we are willing to explore new ways of telling stories, there are so many more platforms to get those stories out in front of an audience. Two months ago, I would have never believed I’d be doing the equivalent of a feature film’s worth of content on Instagram. Now I’m excited to see what else we can come up with.”

The Hellevator Project can be watched on June 4th (and thereafter) at (or @necessaryevilseries on Instagram)

Behind-the-scenes Facebook Live streams will be broadcast from

More info about Necessary Evil can be found at

Find out more about Hell LLP at


Media are invited to come on the day for interviews and behind the scenes footage.

To arrange access before June 4th contact:
Randy Brososky

To arrange access on June 4th text:
Melissa Kreil