Edmonton Filmmaker Raising Hell Around the World

Local Web Series Gaining International Recognition

A locally produced web series is making waves around the world. Necessary Evil has been accepted into festivals in Germany, Italy, Spain, South Korea and the United States and is accumulating nominations and awards.

“It’s fascinating to see the stories and themes of the show connect with audiences in very different cultures,” says series creator and star, Randy Brososky. “People who have called their workplace ‘Corporate Hell’ have really resonated with the show, and it’s not surprising to see that people have had those kinds of workplace experiences around the globe.”

“Necessary Evil has struck a chord,” says Executive Producer, Marliss Weber. “The universal pain of dealing with the ‘demons’ of bureaucracy reflects the pain of struggling with our own internal demons of doubt, insecurity and fear. The humour comes from this common situation, but the heart of the show is the very identifiable struggles we all have when trying to make our workplaces, and ourselves, better.”

Producers will be travelling to both Seoul, South Korea and Bilbao, Spain to attend the festivals, make connections with other International creators, broadcasters and distributors, and try to generate interest in further seasons of the show.

The first six webisodes of Necessary Evil can be watched at necessaryevilseries.com


Necessary Evil - Necessary Evil tells the story of a low-level demon at Hell LLP who is mysteriously promoted to CEO. Suddenly he must navigate a very different world of office politics, deal with new, powerful adversaries, and figure out why he was chosen. The first six episodes were made possible with funding from Telus STORYHIVE and are available for free on demand on Telus Optik TV and at necessaryevilseries.com.

Necessary Evil was filmed in Edmonton in February 2018. The world premiere was at the Edmonton International Film Festival.

Group of Rogues - With a background in foundational communications strategy and narrative storytelling, Group of Rogues uses the tools of the digital media world to find the best way to present your story, online and off. From a simple Instagram campaign to a Hollywood-scaled feature, and everywhere in between, they use the best medium to guarantee a meaningful interaction with a client’s audience, wherever they are, and when they want to hear from you.

Randy Brososky - Randy is an award-winning filmmaker, screenwriter, actor and communications consultant in Edmonton, Alberta, with over twenty-five years telling stories in various media. See his film credits on IMDB.com

Marliss Weber - Marliss has worked in the broad field of media and communications for more than 20 years. Her creative and journalistic writing, as well as her work as a producer has won many awards. She holds an MA in Communications, and tells stories of both the creative and corporate kind with Group of Rogues and her own company, Parodos Social Marketing.

Official Festival Selections to date include:

Nominations to date include:

  • Best Makeup - Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival

  • Best Webseries, Fiction - AMPIA Rosie Awards

  • Best Makeup and Hair - AMPIA Rosie Awards

  • Best Performance by an Alberta Actor - Mark Meer - AMPIA Rosie Awards

  • Best Cinematographer, Drama Under 30 Min - AMPIA Rosie Awards

  • Best Costume Designer - AMPIA Rosie Awards

  • Best Special/Visual Effect - Seoul Web Fest

  • Best Production Design - Seoul Web Fest

  • Best Screenplay - Seoul Web Fest

  • Best Cinematography - Seoul Web Fest

  • Best Comedy - Seoul Web Fest

  • Best Actor - Randy Brososky - Seoul Web Fest

  • Brave New Series - Seoul Web Fest

  • Best Web Series of All Genres - Seoul Web Fest

Awards to date include:

  • Best Webseries - Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival

  • Best Screenwriter, Drama Under 30 Min - AMPIA Rosie Awards


When a timid, low-level corporate demon gets promoted to CEO of Hell LLP, he must overcome jealous adversaries, office politics, physical dangers and his own personal demons to learn what is broken in Hell, and figure out how to fix it to save the universe.

Hell LLP. Where the devils and demons work to spread evil throughout the world. Immersed in a morass of expensive but ill-fitting suits, unproductive meetings that stretch on for hours, synergistic ideations that target performance measures on a go-forward basis, and floor after floor after floor of cubicles, it truly is, corporate hell.

Azmodeus is a cubicle-bound drone in a sea of cubicle-bound drones. Dedicated to doing things the right way, not the easy way, he is often in conflict with his co-workers and supervisors, who are, after all, demons, and are obsessed with cutting corners, grasping for power and basically all the bad behaviours that any corporate environment encourages. 

One day, a phone call changes everything, as he is summoned to the top office to discover that Lucifer has retired, and selected Azmodeus to replace him as CEO of Hell LLP. In trying to learn the ropes, Azmodeus finds out that he is vastly unprepared for this role, which comes with new, powerful enemies, limited resources, and a threat to the very fabric of Hell that he must solve. With the help of his Advocate, Persephone, he faces other power-hungry demons, office politics, and physical dangers while trying to unravel the tenuous clues that Lucifer has left behind. What he finds will tip the balance, and teach him just what is necessary about evil.



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Stills from the show

(L-R) Randy Brososky as Azmodeus and Kimberley Philpott as Persephone receive alarming news.

(L-R) Erika Conway as Nyx watches as Randy Brososky as Azmodeus realizes what he’s in for.

(R-L) Dan Bradford as Mammon leers down at Randy Brososky as Azmodeus.

Behind The Scenes Photos

Ashly McKessock adjusts Dan Bradford’s horns. Photo Credit: Eric Kozakiewicz.

Over the shoulder of director Chris Donaldson as he directs (L-R) Rodi Heatherington as Botis, Aaron Talbot as Xaphan and Randy Brososky as Azmodeus with Kara Little in the background. Photo Credit: Eric Kozakiewicz.

(L-R) Camera Assistant Dan Crittenden, Boom Operator Kieran Jardine, Best Boy Thaimu Turay, Cinematographer Wes Miron, Randy Brososky as Azmodeus and Kimberley Philpott as Persephone. Photo Credit: Eric Kozakiewicz.

(R-L) Randy Brososky as Azmodeus and Kimberley Philpott as Persephone rehearse a scene as the crew watches. Photo Credit: Eric Kozakiewicz.

Promotional Images.

Key art. Randy Brososky as Azmodeus.

Creator, writer, producer and star Randy Brososky. Photo credit: Ryan Parker Photography.

Cast Promo Image.




Randy Brososky