Sneaky Secrets for Maximizing Your Votes

So, you're a fan of Necessary Evil and you want to help us succeed? First of all, that means you have the undying love of dozens of people involved with the project that also want to see it succeed!

But how, you may ask, can you maximize that vote to help us out? Fortunately, one of our supporters Andrew Muir of Hero Dad Creative put together this little video to show you the basics of voting:

In the video, you'll see that if you share the project on Twitter or Facebook, that you will get bonus votes that can also be placed on our project.

But you can also get two more.

You'll notice that you have votes left that you can't spend on our project. You need to spend them to get your bonus votes, but how do you use them without competing with Necessary Evil?

It's okay - we have a plan!

Option A is to spread them around the other projects. There are some very interesting ideas out there, which are also worthy of support. Pick five and give each one vote.

Option B might seem Machiavellian, but is totally legit. The contest runs in BC and Alberta simultaneously, but each province is going to have a winner. That means any votes you spend on BC projects won't count against ours. There are some great projects in that half of the contest. A good friend of ours is involved with Green-ish, and we've also become quite enamoured of Night Owl High. Both are worthy shows, and your votes help them.

And once you've placed your last five votes on another project, you get two more to give to Necessary Evil!

Brilliant, yes?

The last piece of the puzzle? Like us on Facebook, if you haven't already, and follow @Necessary_Az on twitter to see what life is like for poor Azmodeus. Our social score will also count in our favour, so the more likes and follows we have, the better.

So without sounding too much like PBS, thank you, thank you, thank you for your support! 

The contest closes on Thursday at 1:00 pm, so the clock is ticking! Start your voting journey (or your bonus voting hunt) here.