Five Steps to Maximizing Your Support for Recruiting Hell

Note: This blog was originally called Three Steps to Maximizing Your Support for Recrutiting Hell. It has evolved a few times as we've learned the differences in how Storyhive handles voting this time around. We're trying to keep it updated as we learn more...

Welcome, and thank you so, so much for your interest in the newest Necessary Evil project: Recruiting Hell. With your support, we can get $10,000 from the lovely folks at Telus's STORYHIVE program to make this project reality.

What follows is the ultimate guide to maximizing your support. You can cast one vote for us every day, and every vote takes us closer to the grant. This guide will show you how to vote, and the other ways to help us get all the votes we need to make Recruiting Hell happen.

But first, if you haven't seen it already, check out our pitch video below, to make sure you like the idea of what we're trying to produce.

Sound good? Then here's how you can help!

STEP ONE: Cast Your Daily Vote

Democracy in action! Storyhive has changed their system so you don't need to login. Just get right to it!

Head over to our project page by clicking here. You'll see the vote button on the top right:

Click on it and you'll get this prompt:

You can now give us your vote for today.

Make sure you come back tomorrow and vote again.

This year, you can only vote once for each project, each day. At this point, you've shown your support - and we're eternally grateful. You could call it a day... You might even want to browse some of the other projects and cast some more of your votes.

But you can support us even more. Continue onward!

STEP TWO: Share The News!

If you are connected to Facebook or Twitter, you can share the fact that you voted for us. This helps by spreading the word. Your friends see you support the project and are more likely to supporting it too.

Once you've voted, you'll see this screen:

If you have a Facebook account, you can click on the blue button that says f Share. If you aren't logged in, you'll get this prompt:

Once you've logged in - or if you are already logged in, you'll see this screen:

You'll notice that the box at the top says, "Say something about this..." You can write whatever you want, but we would humbly suggest something like this:

"I just voted for this project and think you should too! I'll be back to vote for it tomorrow."

You may want to change the message up a bit each day.

Once you hit Share the prompt will close.

Great! Now, if you also have a Twitter account, you can click on the Tweet button. Again, if you're not logged in, you'll get a prompt to do that. Then, this appears:

Since the box is already filled with text, you can just hit Tweet and move on. Or you might want to customize the message again (like we did with Facebook). Just make sure you only alter the text that is outlined in blue - don't touch the link!

And that's it! You may want to share the fact that you voted frequently, but if you are voting every day, don't share it every day. People will think that's all you do, and forget about the other 50 weeks of the year...

Excellent! You have voted for Recruiting Hell to win $10,000 to make our project come to life. Don't forget to go back tomorrow and vote again! You can cast one vote for us every day.

Pat yourself on the back - in two minutes you've made a significant contribution to supporting independent artists. You could log off, shut down your computer, and enjoy the rest of your day with a sense of making the world a better place.


You could help even more. Here are some bonus steps to amplify the impact of your votes. If you still want to help, read on...

STEP THREE: Follow our social media!

This helps us by increasing our social presence, and helps you by giving you exclusive access to the people, the characters, the ideas and the stories behind Necessary Evil.


Follow us on Facebook.

Check out the Facebook page for Necessary Evil, and if you aren't already a fan, click the 'Like' button. We post information on the project, behind the scenes photos and videos, character sketches, bios, actor information and more.

See something you like? Like the posts, and share them with your own social networks. And feel free to comment - we try hard to respond to every single comment we get, and we're thrilled to answer any questions about the project!


Follow @DemonSecretary on Twitter.

Step inside the world. Sarai Baptibophet is a demon who works in administration at Hell LLP. Follow her on Twitter to get a glimpse of what it's like to work for the largest and most dysfunctional corporation in the underworld. Feel free to engage with her, ask her questions and retweet her posts.

STEP FOUR: Show Your Support

Show the world that you have voted for Recruiting Hell by downloading this image, and uploading it as your Facebook Cover photo.

Click on the image to make it appear full size. Then, right-click on the image and choose Save image as... Then go into Facebook, and update your cover photo. Voting ends on November 9th so after the 9th you can change it back.

Want to be 'demonized'? If you send us your photo through Facebook messages, we'll doctor it up with some horns and an "I voted for Recruiting Hell" footer and send it back. Then you can change your profile photo as well.

For an added bonus, once you upload it, copy and paste this into the comments on the photo.

I voted to support Recruiting Hell for the Telus STORYHIVE competition. Cast your vote here:

STEP FIVE: Super Powered Support

Still energized? Still passionate about helping? This might be the step that makes the biggest difference.

Do you know someone who would enjoy this idea, who would be willing to support it, but who likely hasn't heard of it? Maybe they have a very different circle of friends. Maybe they live in a different city, or country.

If you can convince one such person to take a look at the project and consider voting for it, we could double the votes we get. Who knows, if they enjoy it enough, they might spread it around their networks too, possibly even tripling our votes.

Chat 'em up. Send them the link to this very page so they can follow all the same steps: 

But only ask them if you think they would be interested in the project.

Sure, we'd love people to vote for us a personal favour, but we would much, much rather have people who are passionate about the idea spreading it around.


If you've made this far, you have shown a truly humbling level of support for the project.

From the bottom of our hearts, the cast and crew of Necessary Evil would like to thank you for being so supportive! Without you, none of this could be possible. In return, we commit to finding every way possible to keep sharing these tales with you. We have a tremendous world of stories and characters that we want to share, that is funny, dark, heartwarming, dangerous, and eerily familliar.

And you make it possible. Thanks again!