It's In The Can!

Capturing part of the opening scene. Photo Credit: Ian Jackson with Epic Photography

After two hectic, glorious days of shooting, the pilot episode of Necessary Evil has been filmed - or as they say, "It's in the can." Now comes the work.

Film is an interesting process. In very broad strokes, there are three major stages to getting a production ready.

  1. Pre-Production: Casting, location scouting, testing makeup, acquiring props and camera equipment, scheduling, wardrobe fittings and more.
  2. Production: Getting all the people and things into the locations and filming everything.
  3. Post-production: Editing, composing music and underscoring, VFX (visual effects), colour correction, sound mixing, and putting it all together.

This is far from the whole process. Before any of this starts, you need a developed script, and producers committed to getting the project finished. And after this is all done, you have to distribute, promote and find ways to get the money to do it again. 

But we have journeyed a fair way down this path and are all excited about the next steps. We have to deliver the final project to Telus on March 2nd. Sounds like lots of time right?